The “Kid Staff” consists of children from different grades and different schools around the Kansai region. They are the ones who prepare live voice-overs, commercials, and board signs for the film festival. They meet monthly to plan and prepare the details for the film festival. They also work as the emcees and interviewers on the day of the event.

 By working with children from different age groups, they learn how to be independent and how to work with others.


 Kid Juries (Grade 4 - 9) who have been chosen will screen every film and discuss on their own to choose a Grand Prize. This decision-making process can be  very tough even for adults. It can lead to a heated discussion, and children learn through experience that there are different ideas and feelings. These talks will lead for children to understand films on a much deeper level and make their cinema experience an extraordinary one!


3. Children in Films

 Kyoto Kinder Film Festival choses films that feature children as the main character. Not only do we try to enjoy these films, but to know and learn about other countries and their cultures through these films.

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